Snowy Pine Needles

What are you looking for?

Diseases you care about and genes you know how to target. You don't need all 60,000 gene expression datasets in GEO. Pick the ones you like, and make your searching more relevant for you

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Measuring Tape

Human Experts Required

Computers can't do everything yet. Biology still has too many unknowns for deep learning algorithms to pick out your targets. Your expertise is critical. This web app gets relevant data in front of you in ways that you can understand.

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Space Needle in Rain

About Us

Features prototyped and tested with world-class scientists. Based in Seattle

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Your genes and your data

Our application allows you to focus on genes that you care about: certain protein families, structural features, particular expression patterns... Start with the disease or biology that you care about, find the highest quality and most relevant datasets, and then upload those into the app for analysis. Importantly, the application is installed within your firewall so you can upload your own gene expression data for anyone in your organization to browse and mine together.

Your expertise and insights

The main goal of our app is to take the data you care about, and display it in a user-friendly and easy-to-learn format so that you can quickly and accurately browse complicated expression datasets.

About the app and the founder

Brian Fox (Linked In Profile) is a bioinformatics scientist and the lead developer and founder of Needle Genomics. Contact at gmail: b andrew fox (remove spaces).